The National Framework For Major Construction Works and Scape Group

The National Framework for Major Construction Works (NFMCW) is the governing body for construction projects in the UK. It is a multi-sector framework that sets national pricing standards and regionalised pricing structure. It has the advantage of bringing together a large number of national formwork contractors and a good proportion of regional SMEs. It incorporates MMC, social value and sustainability into its pricing and contracting procedures. The framework is pre-existing and is designed to support the government’s stated goals and strategies.


Pagabo will launch a major construction framework in April 2020 that will be open to all organisations. The framework is split into three project value bands and seven UK regions, and will feature a core list of contractors and a reserve list. It will also include several places for SMEs.

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YORcivil Major Works

The YORcivil Major Works National Framework aims to help local authorities procure high quality civil engineering services for projects over PS10m. It runs from January to December 2020 and is open to all public sector organisations in the region. It covers a range of civil engineering projects including roads, flood protection works, bridges, and surface works.

Scape Group

The Scape Group has a proven track record of delivering major construction works and is committed to bringing the highest quality construction to our clients. Our clients can trust us to deliver projects on time and on budget. Scape has over PS12 billion in buying power and over 1,800 live construction projects. We also meet the requirements of the Fair Payment Charter, which means we can pay suppliers in advance for their work.

Frameworks Scotland 3

SCAPE Scotland, the new framework for Scottish construction works, will focus on climate action response through the built environment and stimulate local economic activity. It will select contractors for their ability to meet high standards, community benefits, environmental improvement, and positive economic impact, while incorporating modern methods of construction.

Scape Group’s City Deal Public Realm Framework

Scape Group has announced it is now seeking contractors to deliver major construction works across England and Scotland. The frameworks, which will be extended for two years, will be used to accelerate the delivery of high-quality construction projects. The frameworks will cover a wide range of sectors and values. The company’s head of procurement, John Simons, says the frameworks will help improve the quality of construction projects.

Scape Group’s YORcivil Major Works

The YORcivil Major Works framework is designed to provide the highest quality civil engineering services to local authorities. The framework will expire in December 2023 and can be used for a wide range of projects, including building works. The framework is open to all public sector organisations in the region.

Oxford Brookes University’s Estates Improvement Plan Framework

Graham Construction has been appointed to deliver the Estates Improvement Plan Framework for major construction works for the University. The plan involves making improvements to the university’s various campus buildings and enhancing student experience. It includes refurbishment of the Clerici Building and investment in new facilities.

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