Promotional campaigns on Twitter: Free online courses available

With its marketing academy, Twitter wants to show advertisers how to use the platform properly. Now Twitter also offers on-demand courses for in between.

Twitter has added an e-learning area to its marketing academy. The Twitter Flight School now includes live training as well as on-demand videos, as announced by Twitter. The videos convey how advertising campaigns work best on Twitter.

Video advertising courses

Twitter has been running the academy since 2014. At first it was only aimed at agencies. Two years later, Twitter expanded the free program to non-agency marketers. Registered users can take part in live courses and have access to information material with tips and data.

The new e-learning area now also contains on-demand videos for the first time. Courses are offered on planning campaigns, creating videos for Twitter and correctly contacting target groups.

Continuing education during working hours

“The 10 to 15-minute learning sequences allow marketing managers in companies and agencies short, relaxed learning units – even during working hours,” says Jolanta Baboulidis, Country Director Twitter Germany, in the press release.

A total of six hours of course material are available. During this time, marketers and agencies should learn the knowledge they need to successfully advertise on Twitter.

Live sessions will continue to be offered

The half-day live training courses remain part of the program. There is personal advice on how to use the platform for video advertising correctly.

Completed courses are rewarded with a “Twitter Flight School Badge”. These certificates can be shared on LinkedIn and other platforms.

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