Google introduces an additional label for My Business

Google introduces a paid label for My Business. Entries with such an award should perform better in the future.

As part of the “ Google Guarantee” qualification process, Google is introducing an additional label for My Business entries. The fee-based award should lead to better performance of the entries of companies in the local search results, as reported by SEO Südwest .

The cost of the label: $ 50 a month

SEO Tom Waddington shared a screenshot of the new label on Twitter . Accordingly, the award should make it easier for potential customers to choose a company. For them that adds up to $ 50 a month.

The label should give local companies an advantage over companies without a label, because the associated My Business entries are simply more conspicuous. This is likely to have a positive effect on visibility and click rates. According to SEO Südwest, the feature should be available for selected companies as part of a test. It is not known whether and when the feature will be rolled out for all companies.

Google Guarantee was originally designed to protect against fraud

Google originally introduced the “Google Guarantee” qualification process to protect users from fraud. In 2017, the green label was only intended for certified and licensed craftsmen and locksmiths, as reported. The service is now also used to check local companies for Google Home and Google Assistant.

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