Brands you can touch: Why digital only is not enough for your brand marketing

Brands you can touch: Why digital only is not enough for your brand marketing

Is everything still digital? Corona changes brand experiences, but customers want real closeness and goose bumps. The tech agency reddo is breaking new ground in live communication and offering free webinars.

The exit and contact restrictions in the corona crisis have allowed many digital offers to blossom. But now users want to take their eyes off the screen again and establish proximity to their preferred brands in the real world.

The tech agency reddo INTERACTIVE , a specialist in digital and analogue experiences, has published a fire letter on the current situation under the title “Uns enough …” . The approach: times of restriction need more courage and creativity. Maintain the deceleration you have just gained. Bringing people back to the fore. It is a manifesto for a living departure, a call for a collective outlook.

“Countless digital formats have emerged during the time of restrictions. Brands have missed their social media cannon fodder in the form of active films or posts, ”writes Hendrik Grohmann, Creative Director of reddo INTERACTIVE. “For this time it is definitely a good, no, the right measure to reach consumers, to stay in contact and memory, to enrich everyday life a little. But should it go on like this? Are digital offers replacing real goosebumps? Right now, when summer is coming and life is pulsing outside? ”

Webinars for new brand communication

Every crisis has always prepared the ground for something new. And it is precisely in this young field that reddo wants to sow ideas, paths and approaches. The tech agency will be offering free webinars on brand experiences in the current situation in the coming period. The goal: to give agencies, companies, marketing decision-makers and all interested parties the opportunity to sharpen their own mindset for the future after and with Corona. The webinars provide input on how live communication can look for people and brands in a still unclear “new normal”. In addition, it will be discussed whether budgets that are currently frozen or that are mainly spent in the digital sector should not be better returned to analog measures. In this way holistic moments between brands and people can arise,

You can register for the webinars free of charge on the reddo website. The 90-minute sessions are intended to be the first steps in which reddo INTERACTIVE presents an inventory of the changed present and then makes specific new suggestions for successful live communication.

Don’t leave anyone alone in a crisis

Interact with the brand analog and digital.

“Corona causes justified uncertainty among companies and agencies,” says Johann Thiem, Key Account Manager at reddo INTERACTIVE. He outlines the mood in the run-up to the publication of the fire letter and the hopes for the future: “We have therefore decided to break new ground in live communication with and for our customers. Simply to face the future with new solutions and not to leave anyone alone. It is a challenging situation for everyone, but we are convinced that together we will find ways to expand the offerings that have migrated heavily into the digital again, create values ​​and experiences for people and still take into account the requirements of the federal government. ”

When researching the webinar content, reddo was inspired by the Zukunftsinstitut and Trendone . Surveys by pilot and the new study by Grabarz JMP and Point Blank “How Corona changes our everyday life and our consumption” were also taken into account. “So everything has a hand and foot,” says Hendrik Grohmann. “And of course our own experiences and observations were also incorporated.”

Increase the common good and sales

The webinars do not convey a purely sales-oriented approach. Instead, a future is thought that is marked by a more attitude and commitment to the common good. Regional aspects and sustainable action are packed into the equation together with profitability.

“Our fire letter and the webinars are intended to provide food for thought, but also concrete suggestions on how we can understand the changed normality of people and jointly implement innovative campaigns in live communication,” says Hendrik Grohmann. “Studies show that, especially in crises, people reward when companies stand up for them. Therefore, we want to focus even more on user-centered, authentic and cool actions for the future and encourage agencies and companies to catch up. With all of this, we just have to show the same courage and the same commitment as the many small restaurateurs and retailers who are currently facing the crisis with their creative and unconventional solutions. For us, that’s live communication. This is how you open horizons for the future.


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