Backlinks: This is how it works with link building – says Johannes Müller from Google

Anyone who wants to claim pole position in Google’s search results will find it difficult to avoid link building. In a Q&A, Johannes Müller from Google gives website operators and SEOs specific tips for backlinks.

Link Earning – The freestyle of backlink building

As the first tip in the Q&A of SEO Südwest , Johannes Müller mentions link earning – the free choice in link building. Backlinks to your own website project are not actively built up by the operator, but rather naturally set by users because of outstanding content. This is certainly the most complex, but also the most effective method.

Digital PR – Many visitors lead to good rankings

As a second tip, Johannes Müller addresses digital PR in the Q&A. The focus here is on the awareness of the brand and / or its website. Backlinks generated in this way are primarily about attracting many visitors and luring them to your own web project. Good rankings are not the direct result of such backlinks that may be set via “nofollow”, but they are associated with massive visitor flows.

Broken Link building – Replace dead links with your own links

The broken link building strategy focuses primarily on detective and research work. The principle is simple and ingenious, if not new: If there are dead links on the web that are similar in content to your own web project, you offer the operator a link to your own project instead. Tip: There are numerous tools on the web for finding broken links, and SEO tools such as Ahrefs make searching easier.

Mentions – Good basis for backlinks

For example, if someone publishes a review on a product of their own brand, it is advisable to ask the operator to link the relevant website. According to Müller, such mentions or citations are a good starting point for backlinks to your own web project.

Backlink building: This is why Google rarely comments on strategies

According to Müller, Google is reluctant to give tips on building backlinks because recommendations are usually taken too literally. Therefore, you usually either do not explain anything or refute strategies that are not working. For further techniques, John Müller refers to a contribution by Britney Muller .

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